Russell Brunson’s Personal Copywriter Comes Out Of Hiding For A Limited Time And Declares...

If You Want To Stupidly Bang-Out Winning Advertorials For Clients, Or For Your Own Offer, Then You'll Want To Get My One-Stop Advertorial Training...


"This Training Shows You Soup-To-Nuts On How I (Heath Wilcock) Easily Write High-Converting Advertorials That Have Produced $10MM+ In Sales For Numerous Ecomm Brands...And Works Even If You’ve NEVER Written An Advertorial In Your Life!"
"I have been in this marketing game now for over 20 years. I've hired literally dozens of copywriters many of which are some of the A-listers anyone would be familiar with their names. Yet, every copywriter I ever hired, when they finished a draft of their page, I always end up spending hours sometimes days editing a draft to get something useable... 

But with Heath, almost every time he sends stuff back we can just run it as is, which is so rare and unique. We stopped hiring freelancers and brought him on full-time and he writes not only for ClickFunnels, but all of my other brands as well.

I also rarely bring outside trainers to teach my highest level students in my Inner Circle. Heath came and taught a two-day event on copywriting. Not only was he a great teacher, but also a great entertainer, which made it fun to learn for everyone including me." 

- Russell Brunson, Serial Entrepreneaur, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Co-Founder of ClickFunnels
"I've had countless copywriters write advertorials for me. But no one knows them better than Heath. Heath has become my go-to secret weapon that writes, wire-frames, and gives design direction for all of the advertorials for my offers. 

With his advertorials, we've been able to scale numerous brands to $10MM+ in sales and beyond. If there's one person you can learn how to write winning advertorials, Heath is your guy."

- Trey Lewellen, 8-Figure ecomm business owner
"Heath is hands-down the guy to learn from when it comes to advertorials. He understand the formula for a winning advertorial better than anyone else I know."

- Justin Goff, Master Copywriter, Entrepreneur
Heath is the best advertorial writer I know. Literally #1. And what I love is how systematic his processes are. That’s why he’s able to CONSISTENTLY crush it. I believe that so strongly, I’m actually using Heath’s processes to build out AI Advertorial templates for our 8 and 9 figure agency clients.” 

- Mario Castelli, 9-Figure Copywriter & Partner In Copy Accelerator & CA Labs
"When it comes to advertorials, there's no one I'd trust more than Heath(ykins). I've never seen anyone else 'pull back the curtain' and share this deeply on the topic... so needless to say I've gone through his training multiple times. I'll even refer to his training whenever I have a project coming up or feel like I need a refresher. All that is to say, if you're interested in advertorials, or advertorial-style marketing, Heath is your guy." 

- Tanner Henkel, A-list copywriter for SculptNation & V-Shred
"I invest millions in traffic, so who I spend my money on for copy means something. Why Heath? His copy works. Full stop. He shares in frustration when we have losers like it’s his own cash on the line. 

When it’s time to make a version two, he asks for the data, the control stats, the heat map, and the results, and writes until I’m making money. What more can you want?"

- James Van Elswyk, Co-Founder of Geek Out Education, Owner of Symphony Agency, and one of the top native media buyers in the world
"Heath Wilcock has long been known as the go-to guy for advertorials. He’s a brilliant copywriter and I love reading his work. Anybody looking for the latest, most insightful breakdown of what’s working for advertorials should check out what Heath’s doing.”

- Luke Mills Iha, 9-Figure Copywriter, Partner at Copy Accelerator
"There’s a common name of influence around the topic of 'advertorials' whenever I talk to any of my friends in marketing. That name is Heath Wilcock. 

He has single-handedly become known as 'THE advertorial guy' within my sphere. And for good reason. He has worked on hundreds (thousands?!) of advertorial campaigns for companies in every niche you could imagine. 

...And he has distilled this knowledge into a 'system' to help anyone looking to create winning advertorials the best shot possible — based on REAL WORLD data. If you write advertorials… or even plan on writing ONE… it would be wise of you to pick this course up."

- Jerrod Harlan, Email Strategist, Email Manager at ClickFunnels & Magnetic Marketing
"Heath Wilcock has winning direct response advertorial writing down to a science. I recommend him."

- Mike Pavlish "The Home Run Copywriter" who has sold over $725 Million in products and services 
"We do upwards of $50mm a year in sales and any time there’s an advertorial to be written, I model Heath's advertorials. F*ck me, it works. I’d even go as far as saying any copywriter serious about their career NEEDS to know how to do advertorials The Wilcock Way."

- Jake "Lord Dolla" Bevan, Multiple Ecomm Brand Owner

Attention: This Training Isn’t Cheap And Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart... It's Very VERY Heathykins -Driven, Which Means You've Never Seen A Training Like It Before...

However, it IS for you, if you are...

  • A freelance copywriter looking to expand your copywriting expertise beyond just “one type” of copywriting... which in turn can increase your VALUE and REVENUE!
  • An agency owner that works with ecomm clients and want to add advertorials to your services (...give this training to someone on your team and BAM... instant value added to your overall team!)
  • An ecomm offer owner looking to test new offers or expand your reach by jumping on other platforms such as native (i.e., Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, and more)... and want to know how to create advertorials the right way!
  • Filthy rich human being that loves to learn marketing and spend money willy-nilly...
If you fall into any of those categories listed above (especially the "filthy rich human"), then you're in the right place, and my training is exactly what you're looking for!
Dear friend:

If you want a horde of ecomm business owners BANGING on your door, sliding into your DMs, and replying to your emails... 

...HOUNDING you to write advertorials for them... and easily charge said clients $1,000... $2,000... and $3,000 per advertorial... then this page will show you how

Here’s the skinny — (in case you don’t care to read this entire page and want to scroll to the bottom and buy straight-away)...

...I’ve put together a “Heath reveals all” when it comes to how I research, write, and deliver winning ecomm advertorials to clients. 

I’m calling it “Madvertorials!”

Yes, the training is “mad” in its simplicity and value, but to be honest, I chose “madvertorials” because it’s easy to remember and the domain was available. Win-win. 

(Take that ChatGPT... didn’t see that weird shift coming, didya? Go eat code, I command you.)

OK, enough of the mumble-jumble “copy-ish” style of copy you’re probably all too familiar with...

Here’s the deal...

You’re probably thinking:

“Heath, why would you give away your advertorial secrets...? 

Why not just take your secrets and keep making a ton of moolah?”

Great question [NAME OF PERSON READING]...

I’m putting out this “Madvertorials!” training for three big reasons: 


There’s PLEEEEEENTY Of Work To Go Around!

There’s no denying it— ecomm business owners are BEGGING for more advertorials. 


Because they are: 
  • quick, easy, and 10X faster to test than writing a longform sales letter or VSL.
  • suuuuuuuper effective way to test new angles to see what works and then scale!
See, a huge majority of advertorials are ran on native platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, and more.

And native is booming like crazy... take a looksie: consumers continue to reject traditional online advertising, startups and Fortune 500 companies alike are allocating more of their budgets to non-disruptive ad campaigns.

Source: Mann, Sydney. “Native Advertising Trends for 2022: Taboola.” Taboola Blog, Taboola, 24 Jan. 2023, 

Engagement is king when it comes to advertising, which is why a less intrusive, more seamless form of native ads is on the rise.

Source: Yuen, Meaghan. “Native Advertising Industry 2022: Forecast, Trends, and the Rise of Video.” Insider Intelligence, 7 July 2022, 

...And that’s just running advertorials on native!

Ecomm business owners are also running advertorials (ecomm, lead gen, comparison and more)... on Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Google, and YouTube!

It makes sense when you think about it... 

People’s attention span is dwindling daily.

People are “scrollers” and “clickers” when they’re on their phone. 

In other words, people are being transformed into: “get to it already!” buyers. 

They’re not as patient as before.

That’s where advertorials come in.

They are the PERFECT “get to it already” article that educates, teases, and gets people to buy FAST.

That means there’s MORE work for you, fellow copywriter!


I’m not a “copywriter”!

Sure, I’ve been seen on numerous stages, teaching audiences on how I write sales copy...
Here’s me and my two fat twin brothers, speaking on stage in Bangkok, Barcelona, and Dubai.
But here’s the truth, miss Sally— I got into this copywriting game back in 2012 to pay the bills and support a family. 

My background (and love) is in fiction. 

I hold a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in English creative writing and fiction, respectively.

I write fiction.

I perform and teach improv comedy.
Me and Krissy Lenz of Neighborhood Comedy Theatre In Mesa, Arizona, doing some sort of weird scene with Kevin McDonald of Kids In The Hall.
Here’s cute, husky Heathykins as the fiction editor for Hayden’s Ferry Review, the literary print magazine that’s been around since 1985.
This is who I am. 

But for a while there, I was identifying as this copywriter and marketer because I finally “made it” and built a name for myself...

After grinding day and night, building funnels late into the night in my “office” (a desk and chair I had set up in our walk-in closet)... 

...writing ANYTHING, saying yes to EVERYTHING, I eventually began to make a comfortable living without worrying about where my next paycheck was coming from. 

The money was liberating. "I must be a copywriter," I told myself, equating the money with "purpose."

Don't get me wrong. The money was nice. 

Pretty soon, I was able to travel the US and in RV for three years and visit incredible places with my family...
Canoeing at Lake Tahoe. It was OK. Some might say, "too magical."
Standing outside the home of Flannery O'Connor, one of the greatest short story writers of all time.
But then that all fell apart...

I took on this identity as a copywriter and marketer. 

But that’s not me.

I was denying The Real Heath™... the comedy/fiction writer.

So what happened next? 

It wasn’t pretty...

Last year, I had a world-ending burnout that launched me into therapy and even an ayahuasca journey to rediscover (and reconnect) with The Real Heath™. 

I went into hiding...

I deleted all of my social media accounts.

I fired all of my clients.

I slept 2 hours a night and woke up before the sun rose to drive and scream in the car. 

I didn’t eat. 

I couldn’t think straight.

I was scared.

Since then, I’ve managed to build myself back up, and now I work exclusively with Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels as his Copy Chief.

It allows me a better balance where I’m able to work hard on cool projects with Russell while also writing and giving back to myself.

I’m in a much better place— physically, mentally, and spiritually.

And lastly...


I’m buying a house for the first time (sans wheels) and apparently there’s something called “closing costs”... aaaaaaand it’s a chunk-o-cash. 

And as I mentioned in “reason 2,” I basically dumped everything I had in my savings to reclaim Heath.

It was worth it, for sure, but it put me back to "square one" in a sense. 

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this whole house buying thing to run so smoothly.

I thought I would have more time...

But nope.

It’s happening, and it's happening fast.

(It’s a great thing actually— it put a fire under me to finally put out my first offer!)

With that said, I locked myself down, and did the thing I never thought I would do...

Put together an A to Z on how I write, wire-frame, deliver, and optimize advertorials!

With that said, when you say "yes" today, here's a...

Sneak Preview Of Madvertorials! With Heathykins

In section one, I kick it off with a quick introduction, followed by teaching you the philosophy of advertorials, including why and how they work (...and why so many ecomm business owners want them)!

In section one, you'll learn...
  • The 4 main types of advertorials that work practically for any offer, industry, niche, you name it... (and the advertorial types I tend to gravitate to the MOST)
  • Why advertorials are in high-demand (without it dying down anytime soon), and why they work SO FREAKIN' well, especially in today's time of low attention span... 
  • My "Playboy secret" to transforming old ideas into new... (this is my naughty secret where I collect new ideas and hooks and use them for advertorials I'm writing today!)
  • Plus, my "Women's World" method to writing powerful STORY-DRIVEN advertorials FAST (...if you're in the supplement or weight loss niche, then you'll love this)
Then, in section two, we dive right into the "meat" of the advertorial, where I pull back the curtain and show you the Heathykins way to writing high-converting advertorials.

In section two, you'll learn...
  • My easy-peasy, no-brainer way of researching that'll make the "research-averted" copywriter sigh with relief (note: advertorials are NOT VSLs nor sales letters, so the research is different... and 10X easier and faster)
  • The 4 "TRIED 'N' TRUE" high-converting headlines that work practically for any type of advertorial, whether its in lead-gen, ecomm, finance, supplements, you name it... (BONUS - you'll also get my pdf SWIPE of headlines so you'll never get stuck or have to "think" about what headline to use.)
  • The CONVERSION BOOSTING angles that work regardless of offer or industry! (Soooooo many copywriters "overthink" this part, with way too much research, thinking they need to find the most unique hook or mechanism... but what I show you in my training is a "rinse 'n' repeat" method that I use over and over for almost all of my advertorials.)
  • LEADS! And why I keep them no more than 250 words max... and how to bang them out faster than it takes to eat a sandwich. (BONUS - you'll also get my pdf SWIPE of lead examples you can easily "swipe 'n' deploy"... with a lil' bit of re-wording with our AI friend, ChatGPT.)
In section three, I show you how to put together the entire advertorial, like a delicious recipe, and send it off to the client with a bow.

In section three, you'll learn...
  • My "paint by letters" method to wire-framing and structuring my advertorials that clients go NUTS for! It's also one of the key factors in making me stand-out as the "go-to" advertorial wizard fella. (It's so simple once you see it, but the results... plus the time and money saved... is ludicrous, and clients will pay you TWICE as much.)
  • What to do when the advertorial sh*ts the bed! (It's OK, it still happens to me, too.) I'll show you how to optimize an advertorial, including what to change and test first, second, and third.
  • Why being an "order taker" copywriter will send you to the copy gallows... never to be heard from again. I see so many copywriters make this mistake. However, if they were to take a little bit of extra time and think BIGGER than just a copywriter... and in the way I reveal in this section of my training... then I promise you'll never run out of work ever again.

But Wait, There's More!

FREE Bonus! In this bonus, I show you my real strategy on how I get and keep clients that are dying for advertorials, including
  • Where I "hang out" to get MORE advertorial clients than I can handle. (And how the power of "No" eventually landed me working directly with Russell Brunson on all of his funnels)...
  • The "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" strategy that can help you score numerous high-paying clients that LOVE working with you. (THIS right here is one of the biggest levers to my success... and it has zero to do with being "funny")
  • Why advertorials are HOT right now and almost all ecomm clients want them but don't know "who" can write them... I'll show you how to "pitch" your advertorial services without even trying. 
  • The little known phrase to use when pitching clients that gets you in the door with your advertorial services! (This "overdeliver" strategy works like a charm, and you barely have to do more work.)
FREE DOUBLE Bonus! In this bonus, I write, in real-time, a FULL advertorial from scratch! In this bonus training, you'll discover: 
  • How I write a full advertorial from scratch in just 2 1/2 hours. (But you can probably do it FASTER because I'm the slow, "thinky" type of writer that tends to fight with ChatGPT.) 
  • The celebrity voice I get ChatGPT to re-write my copy in... and why I tend to only use ChatGPT "some" of the time...
  • The moment I got spooked in the middle of the night while writing the advertorial... because I started to lose my mind a bit... but then I came back and was all good. 
  • And sooooooo much more, including the small "nuance" copy techniques that tend to get overlooked, and how you can use them to your benefit!

This Next Bonus Training Is Nuts And So Valueable, I Was Going To Put It As The Upsell... But Then I Was Like, "Nah, I'll Give It To Them For FREE!"

FREE TRIPLE BONUS! In this bonus training, I show you how to write and layout INSANELY high converting (and sexy as heck) ecomm sales pages! In this bonus training, you'll learn:
  • My "LEGO Brick" ecomm sales page system that's become my go-to layout that's practically "rinse 'n' repeat" for any ecomm offer.
  • How I use direct response "sales letter tactics" for sales pages... while still looking modern and super friendly for all platforms!
  • How I wire-frame and give creative direction that products BIG emotion in the buyer to take action right away!
  • Why compliance converts! I'll show you how transitioning a page from "non-compliant" and aggressive to compliant and safe... actually increased conversions like crazy. (And how you can do this for ANY brand and out-perform the dirty, aggressive pages out there.)

I can't emphasize just how lucky you are right now to get my ecomm sales page training for free!

I've helped build and scale numerous ecomm brands with my sales pages... and now you can model what I do for your own clients or offer!

"Heath is the master at ecomm sales pages. We've built at least 10 brands together from scratch and his sales pages just work. And not just copy, but also wireframing and helping with creative direction as well. We've probably processed over $100+ MM in sales since working with Heath, and setting crazy high records for EPCs and CVR. Heath is the best source for when it comes to ecomm sales pages. Listen to him. Do what he says and you'll win."

- Danny Lawman, Chief Digital Officer 
Wolfson Brands
SWIPES SWIPES SWIPES! We all want them, and now you can have 50 of the TOP advertorials you can take and use for your next advertorial!

This collection of swipes includes examples from finance, ecomm, health supplement, comparison, lead gen, personal stories, and more!

Health Supplement Swipes

Gadget Swipes

Listicle Swipes

Lead Gen Swipes

I use swipes all of the time. They're PERFECT for when you freeze up or need some help with "laying out" your copy. 

Plus, it's absolutely VITAL for you to know what's working right now, so you're not trying to "reinvent" the wheel.

"OK, Heath, Enough's Enough...

How Much Is Your Training?"

For the entire training on how to become an Elite Advertorial Copywriter where you have to start a waiting list for clients (or build out your own advertorial agency to handle the demand)...

It's a one-time payment of only $997.

Did you think I was going to start at some high number and walk it down...?

Don't need to because here's the deal: $997 is already CRAAAAZY low investment for the amount of value you're about to receive, including: 
  • Over 7+ hours of pure, uncut, unfiltered, unadulterated Heathykins givin' it to you straight on how he BANGS out winning advertorials. NO HOLDING BACK! You get it all, babycakes!
  • Step-by-step on how to write, structure, wire-frame, and deliver advertorials to clients who will turn around and want MORE from you!
  • FREE BONUS! How to get and keep clients that want advertorials! This is me showing you how I "pitch" advertorials to clients... and how you can do the same for more work and more revenue!
  • FREE DOUBLE BONUS! "Write with me!" Where I show you how I write, in real-time, an advertorial from start to finish in just 2 1/2 hours... and that's me taking my sweet time.
  • FREE TRIPLE BONUS! How I write, structure, and wire-frame ecomm sales pages, which is the next piece of the puzzle you'll want to connect directly with your winning advertorial!
  • FREE SWIPES! 50 advertorials SWIPES! Everything from lead gen, to ecomm, to finance, to listicles... you name it! (These aren't "links" either... these you can download and keep forever so you can always have inspiration at your fingertips!)
Now, if $997 is too high of a price for you, then this training may not be for you (yet)... no hard feelings though, bubsy. Your time will come.

For those who ARE ready to take their copy to the next level and get expert training on how to quickly (and easily) write and deliver advertorials, I know this price is an absolute no brainer

Plus, I priced it at $997 because I want to make sure you can earn back the cost of the course by writing and selling just ONE advertorial.

And I know it's possible... take a look at Krishna had to say after he learned my way of writing advertorials: 
He made $1,500 selling his FIRST EVER advertorial, and only after writing copy for four months. 

(Just writing that sentence made me mad. I don't think I earned my first $1,500 for a copy project until I was like a couple years into writing copy...)

Then, once you've sold your first advertorial and paid for my course, every other advertorial you write for the rest of your life is PURE PROFIT

And there's no reason why you can't write 10 of them every month. Because my step-by-step processes allow you to do that (especially once you combine my processes with ChatGPT... you can become unstoppable). 

With that said... I'm going to end with some good ol' fashioned "imagines"...

Imagine banging out an advertorial in less time than it would take to watch two episodes of 'Succession'...

Imagine having clients BANGING on your virtual door, begging to have numerous advertorials written by you...

Imagine never getting stuck, lost, or confused while writing advertorials ever again...

And imagine potentially adding an extra $2,000... $5,000... even $10,000 to your monthly revenue... just from advertorials alone! 

Plus, I Know My Training Works, Just Like How It's Worked For These Copy Folks Below

I first learned about advertorials from a training Heath made. Aside from the unique way he approaches teaching, he also makes it fun and practical. Learning advertorials is essential for any copywriter. But learning advertorials from Heath is an awesome privilege.”

- Justin Dallas, Badass Advertorial Copywriter and Marketing Strategist
"Heath's not a 'guru,' he's a copy god. Side note: He's also currently my copy chief inside Clickfunnels. So if anyone can tell you with confidence that what he teaches is gold, I can. I've been writing copy since 2015 and he's by far the best copy teacher I know.

Anyway, if you haven't heard of him it's because he has zero interest in being a 'course' guy. So this is a special one-time chance you got here.

Oh, and he's also an actual teacher!

Don't believe me? He has a legit Rate My Professor page with a review that's just, 'This man is a god.' Look it up. That's all you should need.

Buy this course or regret not learning from a copy god."

- Eric Johnston, ClickFunnels Senior Copywriter & Marketing Strategist
"Years ago, I asked ol' Heathykins for help with advertorials. Honestly, I had NO CLUE what it was or how to write one.

So he kindly shot a Loom video for me.

I watched it, had my mind absolutely blown, and then proceeded to soil myself (in that order).

But, jokes aside, one of those advertorials I wrote based on what I learned from my man Heathykins got flat out praise from A-List copywriter Carline Anglade Cole when I was one of her students.

As in, she tried to buy the offer I was writing for 4 times (if im recalling that correctly). Her card got declined 4 times because of some weirdness on my client's end...

But think about that. How many customers (SAAVY ONES) would be willing to try to buy something 4 times?

Heathykins definitely knows his stuff when it comes to advertorials and if you write them, you'd be silly to not seek out his guidance."

-Andrew Trachtman, Killer Copywriter Ecomm Business Owners Should Be Watching
THIS GUY TAUGHT ME TO CRUSH CONTROLS… I can directly attribute studying Heath’s training to one of my biggest and earliest wins as a freelancer... when I nearly doubled the sales of two top-controlling advertorials for my client! 

Heath completely changed the game for me – not only in sharing simple and immutable insight on how to write effective, compelling, and high-converting sales copy itself... but in helping to understanding the medium of advertorials, where and how they ‘fit’ in the overall campaign, how they connect with and are different to the sales page itself – plus the importance and necessity of structure in crafting an effective sales piece. 

Bottom line, I would never think of writing an advertorial or e-comm funnel without reviewing what I’ve learned from Heath (again and again)… dude’s a living legend."

- Scott Conorton, A-List Advertorial Ecomm Copywriter

" profitable on the front-end!"

"I just wanted to say thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback on my funnel! And also give you a quick update on the results... Since implementing your recommendations the CTR on my advertorial has moved up 12.5 points from 22.5% to 35%! And the sales page CVR has moved up from 4% to 5%!

Meaning my overall CVR has doubled from 0.9% to 1.8% and is now profitable on the front end!"

- Nick, Brand Owner

But Don't Worry...

You're Also Covered By My No-Nonsense 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I highly HIGHLY doubt you'd want to refund. Once you see everything I'm giving you inside my training, you will probably come back and want to give me more money, to which I would then say, "no no no, please, it's all yours." 

But here's the thing... not everyone is gonna want to become a Heathen (i.e., a follower of Heath), and I get it. It can get weird. I'm not everyone's cup o' tea, and I like it like that. 

So for those that are like, "nah, not enough value for my liking," no worries. You can simply email me within 30 days of purchase and ask for a refund and I'll refund you. 

Again, I highly doubt this will happen, but I want you to feel confident in purchasing this training today with a zero risk guarantee. I promise as you go through my training, you'll be able to confidently write, layout, and deliver high-converting advertorials to clients who want them badly. And if you drop my name and say I personally taught you through my training, they'll probably love you more. 
OK, that's enough from me...

By this point, you're either in or you're out. 

Either way, I appreciate you reading this entire page. 

You can claim Madvertorials! with Heathykins down below. 

But please note: this offer disappears on Sept 14th, 2023 at 11:59 PM CT. 

So if you're here now and you want the most comprehensive, detailed training on how to write high-converting advertorials the "Heathykins way" then I suggest you smack that "add to cart" button below before Sept 14th. 


Heath Wilcock

Secure MADVERTORIALS! With Heathykins Today!

This Exclusive Offer For Folks On Justin Goff's List Disappears On Sept 14th, 2023 
At 11:59 PM CT!

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